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The Yellow Straw, a remarkable brand that has been delighting taste buds and promoting a healthier lifestyle for the past nine years. Serving an exquisite range of juices, salads, shakes, and nutritious meal options. Driven by a profound desire to make our city juicier and healthier. Recognizing the dearth of organized juice brands, the brand set out to fill the gap with its fresh, cold-pressed juices & other healthier alternatives.

With the mission to become a healthier alternative - The Yellow Straw is fastest growing f&b brand in eastern india with 15 plus QSR outlets across kolkata. The menu thrives of fresh ingredients and the brand believes in live preparations without a drop of adulteration. Be it our healthy salads, wraps, or desserts apart from our core products - Juices, all are prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients.

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